About Nikky

My paintings are inspired by our wild garden on Bardowie loch in Scotland, which is populated by dogs, hens and an incredible variety of flowers, grasses and shrubs.

It rains frequently here, so the colours are particularly vibrant, especially when the sun comes out after yet another shower and they glisten in the light reflected off the loch. I love the intensity of the colours and I’m inspired to recreate it on canvas.

My paintings are not literal, they’re abstract impressions of what I see around me. I get a picture in my mind, then I work fast, trying to capture energy and movement rather than a static image.

These days canvas is not the only medium open to an artist and when we first tried printing my work on silk, I knew it was perfect. Silk moves – almost floats, a bit like flowers in a breeze. And its translucence seems to enhance the colours even further.

We’ve chosen a sheer, floaty chiffon with a matt finish. It doesn’t slip like shinier silks, which makes our scarves easier to tie. And because they’re long, rather than square, there are many different ways you can wear them to complement your look.

The colours are intense and they blend together in a way you that only really happens with paint, so I find they’re a great way to add a bit of drama to a neutral outfit.

The reproduction of the colours and the quality of the finished scarf are all important to us. So after a lot of of experimentation, we have established a relationship with an excellent manufacturer near Lake Como in Italy. Our scarves are printed there and then finished with traditional hand rolled edges. So you can be sure you are choosing real quality.